Less Plastic,
More Care

Besides conscious eating, we also offer an alternative to conscious shopping!

Here at BioTechUSA, since 2019 we have launched the “Less plastic, more care” initiative, which aims to reduce the amount of plastic disposed from fitness supplements.

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Our products available in a packaging with less plastic

The BioTechUSA
refill pack

Keep your plastic tub at home and refill it!

We have created a refill pack that includes 1 Iso Whey Zero 2270g, which comes in a traditional plastic container, and 1 additional bag of 1816g, which is a paper based green alternative in a packaging with 87% less plastic (compared to the 2270g tubs). This way, from now on you can always get the alternative with less plastic and refill your container at home!

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Reuse old protein containers

We encourage you to recycle your old tubs into something that can be useful at home. In this article we give you 5 ideas on how you can re-use your old protein containers and give them a second purpose at home without disposing them.

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People helping us reduce the amount of plastic